japanese tea ceremony
A quick follow-up after folk requested more information on Japanese tea sources in Vancouver after we told you about the Master of Japanese ceremony’s visit last month. Maiko Behr, both sponsor of the Sadõ event and Master Sōjitsu’s translator, is opening her space at SaBi Tea Arts in the Dunbar […]

Japanese tea shop offers matcha and other Christmas gift ideas

japanese tea ceremony
I realized a pet desire last week of being party to a Japanese tea ceremony.  The principal difference between the Chinese and Japanese approach to tea is a focus on the substance rather than the aura of tea. To understand Chinese tea, boil, steep and drink expansively – each chajin cultivating her individual practice immersed […]

Master of Japanese Tea Ceremony visits UBC Vancouver

Mid-Autumn Moon Festival
Don’t blink, but the sun has officially crossed the equator where Aries and Virgo meet and the harvest moon is in the night sky. Autumn is here and there are more reasons to celebrate the waxing auburn season than to mourn the cherry-blossom one. China’s Mid-Autumn Moon Festival is one of them. […]

Mid-Autumn Moon Festival at Vancouver’s Classical Chinese Garden

yixing teapot
With fall marshalling in the distance, September is the best time to make sure your yixing teapot gets you through the cold front that’s probing the horizon. As the dawning teaficionado naturally learns, our best pots undergo seasonal changes as well. Overtime, the rough, sandy finish of first purchase smoothes into an amethyst […]

Yixing teapot seasoning tips to break in fall

Loose Leaf Tea
My path through the thickets and tundras of tea began with the near-mystical discovery of loose leaf tea. It was on a particularly balmy spring day in Vancouver in 2014. It was also when I learned about gunfu cha. Since then, virtually all my experience has been with loose leaf tea and it’s sister medium, the tea cake. As Vancouver tea culture blossoms, […]

Demystifying loose leaf tea in Vancouver

yixing tea pot 4
This city’s good at keeping secrets, not least on where exactly to buy yixing teapots in Vancouver. The question came to mind when I stumbled upon the Poly Cultural Centre, an unassuming little gallery in the financial district which regularly hosts fine Asian crafts and tangible Chinese cultural artifacts… for free! The centre […]

Where to buy yixing teapots in Vancouver?

daniel lui vancouver tea culture 1
I’m sure you’ve heard of David’s Tea, Murchies and Urban Tea Merchant. But did you know Vancouver tea culture is experiencing a revolution under our very eyes? If you live in Vancouver, British Columbia you’re at the locus of a blossoming tea city. There seem to be newer and better resources to access this most […]

Is Vancouver tea culture here to stay?