You may not it yet, but Vancouver has kind of a tea thing.

With its unique convergence of variables – moderate oceanic climate ideal for storage, multiethnic neighbourhoods whose gastronomical treasures are open to those willing to find them and a cosmopolitanism that adds a regional hue to an expanding cultural tapestry – Vancouver’s tea culture is set to blossom.

And as Vancouver becomes a hub of tea culture, trade and appreciation, there is a growing thirst for more information, resources, events, tastings, communities, festivals – in short the makings of a veritable tea renaissance that will break into the mainstream.

But as individual tea enterprises and microcommunities flourish, there is still no centralized source to guide the beginner to where these pockets of culture are taking root.

Vancitea’s goal is to fill that gap. As we develop into a touch point for Vancouver’s diverse tea resources, we aim to become a source for information, knowledge and exchange for all things tea in Vancouver. On the other hand, Vancitea is also a community: of tea drinkers, proselytes, merchants and innovators who come together under the #teaficionado banner in an open forum to exchange their ideas and passion for tea.

At a different location each week, a small group of #teaficionados comes together over a cup to exchange their tea ideas, their latest finds or best-kept-secrets to the group.

Want information on where the next meeting will be held at to put your name on the list? Reach out to us below and tell us a little bit about your journey in tea!