mid-autumn festival

At Vancitea we strive to bring the community together over tea. Follow us here and on instagram for updates on all tea events in the “citea”

An Afternoon of Traditional Japanese Tea Culture with KOBORI SŌJITSU, Grand Master – Friday, October 26

UBC’s Japanese Centre for Research is hosting this unique exploration of Enshu Sadō, with its focus on process, deliberation “gracefulness and simplicity” – all the things we admire in Japanese tea and culture.

Learn more at the official event page.

Fourth annual Vancouver Tea Festival – November 3-4

Come join this highly-anticipated annual gathering of teaficionados from in and around the city and beyond. Hosted by the Vancouver Tea Society, this promises to be one of the best and most comprehensive showings of the local tea community to date, with presentations, talks and of course all the tea included in the price of the ticket.

And you might just see Vancitea shuffling between booths trying to take it all in!

For full schedule and tickets check out the official website:

Vancitea #teaficionado tea sessions – Ongoing

At Vancitea we host a biweekly tea gathering among #teaficionados and the tea curious alike. These tea events are a chance disperse the cloud of society unfamiliarity and get to know folk you might otherwise pass on the street in quietness or the thoughtful conversation occasioned by tea.

Although based in the gungfu cha ceremony, the meetings are open to all styles of tea. Follow us on Facebook for updates on where the next sitting will be!