Vancouver tea shops are reopening for Phase 3 of B.C.'s COVID response plan!

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Things have been a bit touch and go for everyone in our community, both personally and professionally. Luckily, we were able to catch up with our family one last time at last March's 2020 Vancouver Tea Festival Highlights before the stay-at-home orders went into effect.

Now with Phase 2 of the B.C. Restart Plan well underway, and things looking tentatively promising for Phase 3 in a few weeks' time, some Vancouver tea stores are starting to reopen their brick and mortar spaces and hold reduced shop hours.

July 1

The new SunZen Chinese art gallery in downtown Vancouver has reopened after the lockdown. There are no temporary exhibits as yet, but you can make a private visit to check out their permanent collection of fine chinese art, ceramics and tea settings. While they're open during business hours, it may be best to contact them ahead of time to plan your visit.

June 18

Best Tea House in Richmond is opening its doors for retail this week, from 12:30-5pm every day, for the best that Vesper Chan has to offer. However, they will not be providing tea tastings as of now.

VanCha is set to open its two locations in Downtown Vancouver and West Vancouver. More specific about the nature of their in-person offerings to come!

[Update: VanCha will be open to take-out orders only starting July 9th]

June 3

The Chinese Tea Shop reopens today after a months' long online-only presence, resuming its pre-quarantine hours 1pm-6pm Wednesday to Sunday, (Monday and Tuesdays remain closed.) As of July 3, the 15 per cent online discount on orders over $85 is still available on some great Rougui and selections of aged Puerhs.

[Update: The Chinese Tea Shop is currently only providing on-site sales by appointment and no tea sittings until further notice.]

June 1

Treasure Green Tea is continuing to accept online orders for instore pickup 12-5pm every day except Wednesday, with free shipping throughout B.C. for orders over $50. Among the the year's spring selection is a Lion Mountain Long Jing and Traditional Lapsang Souchong with smoke-dried leaves. A full reopening is still being considered.

[Update: as of June 15, Treasure Green tea is only doing offsite deliveries pending store renovation.]

[Update: Treasure Green tea is opening its storefront again for the first time on July 9.]

Cultivate Tea, just north of where Main Street forks into Kingsway, is open for retail sales (sit-in tea tasting still on-hold.) They have a fresh selection of 2020 spring harvest white and greens i,n among other items and accessories.

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